Cat Grooming Tips

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Cat Grooming Tips

Grooming is one of the basics of caring for a cat. No matter what breed, from the Sphynx to the Persian, grooming should be included in the maintenance for many reasons. Apparently, grooming serves to take care of the basics like keeping the coat healthy and a general overall health check up. However, it is also an excellent time to spend with your kitty bonding. It gets them used to being handled early as well.

It is easy to add a few extra steps.
* Purchase a good grooming brush and begin early by brushing every day.
* Be sure to play with the nails by pushing them out of their sockets. Play with feet so they are comfortable with this. Start clipping nails right away so that this becomes a weekly habit.

* Depending on the type of cat you have baths may be a major part of grooming. Breeds like the Sphynx, Cornish Rex and Devon Rex can have very oily skin and need a bath every other week or so. Starting when they are young is the only way they will learn to tolerate this.
* If a Persian or Maine Coon is part of the family regular shaves may be necessary. Again, starting this when they are very little will provide them with comfort as they ride in a car to the groomer and become used to all the noises associated with this adventure.
* Check out the ears regularly as many times wax can build up and they will need a gentle cleaning.
* If you have a Persian or Exotic Shorthair you may need to clean regularly around the eyes as they tend to drip. The color of a cat’s tear is reddish brown.
* The mouth should be checked regularly and brushing your cat’s teeth is a great way to ensure good dental hygiene.
* Lastly, checking around the back end is important. A long hair cat can get matted in that area and a “vanity” shave is sometimes needed.

Always keep basic grooming materials on hand:
Several kind of brushes- a Furminator is awesome for cats with thick or undercoats.
Paper towels
Cat shampoo and conditioner
Kitty wipes
A grooming kit for long coated cats
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Nail clipper

Talk with your vet and your groomer to identify the best long-term grooming care for you and your kitty.

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