Cats vs Dogs – Why Cats Make Better Pets

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Cats vs Dogs – Why Cats Make Better Pets

As far as I can remember, there has always been a cat in my family. Yes we did have dogs, but cats were favored. Currently I have a cat named Chako, and how he acts sometimes; I believe he can’t decide whether he is a dog or cat.

Throughout history cats have been viewed as mysterious and sly, whereas dogs are simple and predictive. The truth about cats versus dogs is a hot button debate; it can start a war, end a marriage, or strain a friendship.

Did you know that a third of American households have feline members, and more than 600 million cats live among humans worldwide? Now that is a lot of cats! But while the understanding of where the cats came from is elusive, cats virtually contribute nothing in a way of sustenance or work to human endeavors. Yet, how then, did they have become commonplace fixtures in our homes?

Unlike dogs, cats follow their owner’s lead based on the amount of interaction they have between them. Even though Dogs are trained to serve useful functions within our society, such as guarding a home, there are other reasons why cats captivate us more. They require less upkeep, they are quieter, and they are soft and cuddly.

A couple of other factors that show why persons consider cats vs dogs would be living space, such as a small apartment or being an older person who may prefer a quieter pet. Also families with children can dictate whether dogs or cats are favored.

I found out that there really is a difference between “dog people” and “cat people”. Those who define themselves as dog people are more extroverted, whereas cat people were found to be less traditional and more creative.

Which one would be your choice — cat or dog? Let’s exam a pawful of reasons why cats make better pets than dogs.

According to the article, “Top 10 Reasons Why Cats are Better Pets than Dogs” from the Animal Planet site, states

#1. Cats treat your guest politely. There is no frenzy barking, no jumping on laps or humping of legs. Cats prefer to observe from afar.
#2. Cats smell better than dogs. You never have to bath a cat; they can handle that job themselves. No expensive grooming costs.
#3. Even the loudest cat is quieter than any dog. Your neighbors will never call to inform you that your cat’s hissing or purr are keeping them awake.
#4. Cats are natural hunters of small pest. They will climb a wall to dislodge a spider and its web even in the middle of the night. A dog will just look at it.
#5. Cats take much better care of their toys. Ever see a dog’s playthings? They are usually chewed up or ripped. Whereas Cat’s toys are treasured, carried carefully or hidden.
#6. Cats don’t need to be walked. In heat or rain, snow or sleet, the dog needs to be walked. While cats sit contentedly in the window, unaffected by a downpour, a quick trip to the litter box and the cat is set for the night.
#7. Cats don’t cost much. Inexpensive kitty food, occasional vet visits for shots. A paper ball or an empty spool or a laser pointer makes great toys. Cats simply exist to be what they are.
#8. Housebreaking takes about a minute. Just tuck a litter box with clean litter in an out-of-the way spot in your home and voila! Your cat is fully housetrained!
#9. Cats provide cheap entertainment. Have a laser pointer? Cats never seem to tire racing after that elusive red speck. The reward is the chase itself and think, someday they will nab that little red sucker.
#10. Cats purr when they’re hungry or happy. No sound in the world ravels a cat’s purr. It is a comforting sound that lets us know their feline friend is content with life. The purr can provide instant stress relief. They will patiently wait for you to pay attention to them.

The aforementioned article also states that a cat’s inspired playfulness and independent spirit is a secret envy of humans. Even some die hard dog lovers have inched toward the feline side drawn by their low maintenance lifestyle.

So if you’re thinking of a pet, why not a cat? They will take good care of you; they are good for your health, they’ll earn their keep and hold your affection.

Remember, “Every dog has his day, but cats rule all the other days.”

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