Cat Lovers Hangout

Staff March 12, 2016 0
Cat Lovers Hangout

A cat is a man’s best friend. A cat will always be there for you to cuddle even when the whole world is against you. In return, you must take care of it and provide it with food, veterinary care, love, a clean litter box among other things. The following are important cat care tips that will make your cat love you even more and keep it healthy.

Feed it right One of the cat care tips is that you give it the right type of food for its healthy development. Cat food should be rich in taurine which is an essential amino acid for its eyes and heart health. You should also make sure that you provide fresh and clean water at all times. Milk is a cat’s favorite drink so ensure that you provide some for it.

Hygiene Another cat care tip is keeping its surrounding clean. Cats are very cute creatures and it would be very unfair of you to keep it in a dirty environment. Keeping your cats surrounding clean will ensure that it stays healthy. It will fall ill less often. Dirty plates and water bowls can transfer dirt and germs to your cat’s body and so it is advisable that you clean them as often as possible preferably after each serving.

Groom your cat oftenWhether your cat is long or short haired, brush its hair to keep their skin and coats healthy. Also ensure that you clip their claws to stop them from growing into their paws. Regular grooming will ensure that you notice any lumps, fleas or injuries.

Confine your catLetting your cat lose will expose it to many dangers. It will also give it an opportunity to feed on dirt which can make it ill. It is always advisable that you keep him indoors or confine it to your property.

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