Cat Litter Box Training Problems and their Solutions

Staff May 21, 2016 0
Cat Litter Box Training Problems and their Solutions

Litter box training issues can be a real deal breaker for most pet owners and being allergic to cat urine, well, that is a whole other story. Unfortunately, most cat owners are not good trainers and cats especially kittens can be very fussy about a litter box and you have to be tricky in order to get them on target.

Space- The first thing you should do is making sure the litter box is large enough for the cat to move around than see to it that you begin training as soon as you bring the cat home.

Timing- You should always take it to litter after it wakes up and after meals. Clean the litter box everyday or better yet twice daily because the cat will simply not use the box if it is smelly.

Litter Type- When it comes to the type of litter, you can buy different kinds in small packets to see which one your cat prefers and if you have a kitten then you need to get kitten litter.

Litter box- This could either be a litter pan or a litter tray and the decision should depend on your living conditions. If you have a garden, you can get a biodegradable litter then later deposit the litter in the garden or you can get litter liners although they could get quite smelly after a while.

Privacy- Yes, the cat needs it too, so place the litter box in a private area like the laundry because it is well ventilated but you have to make sure the box is far from the washing machine. If the machine makes some noise and scares the cat, you will have trouble making it understand they can use the litter box again. Some cats will choose the area they like and if it’s convenient for you then place the box there.

Many cats- If you have more than one cat, have a litter box for each one and if you have an old cat that has trouble reaching the box then place a few around the house.

You have to keep in mind that litter box training will not be easy but if you love your cat enough, you will do whatever you have to.

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